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ATI Graphics Repair

Creative IT has made a distinctive mark in the laptop repair industry for providing reliable, outstanding and timely ATI graphics repair services. Our skilled technicians and engineers who work in tune with the profound infrastructural system offers a wide range of services to guarantee your laptop and notebook computerís video and picture clarity. Have you been using your laptop computer for more than 18 months? Is there no video on the screen? Does it have booting issues? If you have answered yes for any of these questions, then donít delay in correcting these issues by getting it checked and resolved by a professional service provider. Are you experiencing a GPU (graphics processing unit) fault that is affecting the performance of your laptop? The problem possibly may be due to a weak die or packaging material set that was used, which may fail due to temperature fluctuations of the GPU chip.

Specialist ATI Graphics Card Repair

At Creative IT, we make the most of latest BGA rework stations, BGA reflow machines and soldering devices as part of our London ATI graphics repair services to identify and fix all types of video issues that include but are not restricted to: ATI Graphics Repair

  • Blank screen
  • Distorted video
  • Multiple images
  • Screen with white lines
  • Screen with random characters
  • Blue screen of death
  • Jumbled video
  • Fuzzy video
  • Sporadic booting
  • Duplicate images
  • Horizontal and vertical lines

London ATI Graphics Repair Services

Get in touch with Creative IT laptop repair store, if you consider you may require an ATI graphics card repair or ATI GPU (graphics processing unit) repair service. You can also contact us if you are going through any of the video and graphics card related issues mentioned above and to discuss your exact laptop video card and graphics processing unit problems with one of our ATI GPU repair and replacement specialists.

Creative IT offers customers several ATI graphics repair options to choose from such as reflow and Ball Grid Array (BGA) reballing, with the added benefit that these services are backed by a 90 day back to base warranty. We can also straightforwardly replace your faulty video card or GPU chip with a brand new one. Our team of technicians has good knowledge of component level laptop repairs and can effectively perform laptop video card and graphic card repair and replacement services for all leading laptop and notebook computer brands like HP, Compaq, Lenovo, Asus, Apple Mac, Fujitsu, Gateway, Acer, Samsung, Sony, Dell and Alienware.

Our team of experienced technicians will efficiently remove and reball your defective or faulty graphics processing unit or GPU and subsequently reattach it to the notebook motherboard by means of the latest BGA reballing equipment.

So get ready to enjoy a gaming or video experience that you always longed for? If you experience laptop video or graphics issues, contact Creative IT on 020 7064 4999 (Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm) or just bring your affected laptop or notebook computer to our Central London laptop repair store at 80 Willow Walk, The Willows, Unit 1, London SE1 5SY to find out the various ATI graphics repair and replacement services and support options available. We also promptly respond to your laptop video card and graphic card repair queries send through No prior appointment is necessary.

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